Letter to Jon Stewart

November 16, 2017 A letter to Jon Stewart regarding the state of vaccines and autism research in the United States.

Excerpt: "Thank you for supporting families grappling with autism by hosting the HBO show Night of Too Many Stars: America United for Autism Programs. While we know it is considered controversial to even consider the topic of vaccines and autism, we implore you to apply the critical thinking for which you are famous to this topic for just twenty minutes."

The HHS Notice

October 12, 2017 The ICAN Notice to HHS regarding their failure to demonstrate vaccine safety.

This notice sent to HHS (Health and Human Services) articulates the complete failure of HHS to conduct the proper science required to demonstrate vaccine safety. Additionally, ICAN lays out the provisions of the (1986 Act) that legally require HHS to conduct science that reduces the risk of all vaccine injury. Failure to do so could result in legal action against HHS.

The Vaccine Safety White Paper

October 1, 2017 Introduction to Vaccine Safety and Policy in the United States

ICAN spent months researching the state of vaccine safety in the United States. The shocking result of this effort was presented to the heads of the National Institutes of Health with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in May of 2017.

The information contained in that presentation has been distilled into an easy to read, thorough white paper that goes through many of the shortcomings and failures of the vaccine safety program.

Autism and Aluminum Adjuvant in Vaccines

October 1, 2017 How Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines can cause Autism

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) asserts that vaccines and vaccine ingredients have been disproven as potential causes of autism. Statements by the CDC are generic and encompass all vaccines and vaccine ingredients. These statements are not supported by available science.

ICAN looked into the possible role aluminum adjuvants play in the development of autism and created a white paper explaining how this devastating disorder may be triggered by vaccines.

Additional Research Papers Coming

October 15, 2017

More research and white papers are being created. Sign up for our newsletter to keep apprised of the latest developments.

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